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Working out of my home is a blessing but also takes an unimaginable amount of self discipline. It’s nice waking up, grabbing my cup of coffee and walking 10 steps to my office. The hardest thing I had to learn was how to walk away. How to close photoshop, stop checking emails, and answering the phone after my set hours of work each day. It was just way too easy to keep working. I needed to find a balance. To have a space for my business that is inviting so I didn’t dread starting work but also a place that is organize and user friendly so I could be more efficient with my time away from my husband, friends and family. After moving into our house this past October I finally think my office does just this. It is bright, cheery and full of things that are near and dear to my heart. Here’s where you can find Erica Lee Photo (me!) most of the time.


Light fixtures are over priced and below extraordinary. I have seen some ideas (on Pinterest of course) for some DIY overhead lights. This one was my favorite and cost me less than $30. I followed these instructions and am so happy with the outcome! Thanks Nick and Dad for your electrical expertise.


It always helps me to write things out. To be able to see the big picture. It was becoming difficult for me to keep my days straight so I painted a chalkboard calendar using these instructions for DIY chalkboard paint. Now I can see what my year looks like at a glance and my husband knows when he can schedule surprises for me (wink wink).



Thrifting and antiquing is my sickness. You never know what you will find and realize you need 😉 I framed our five year anniversary photo (credit Lindsey Kay Photo) with an old grocery store sign holder. Love it!



I went through Prinstagram for my wall collage. There are some great memories in these little 2×2 inch squares. Full of people I love and places I’ve visited.


My office would not be possible without IKEA. Light cord, wall filing system, clock, rug, gorgeous robin egg blue industrial thingy to cradle my precious babies. I absolutely love that store but it’s probably better on my pocket book that it’s over 2 hours away.


No matter what, everyone should own their own signature stamp 🙂 I plunk that logo down everywhere I can!


My dear friend gave me some of her Grandpa’s egg screens with made the perfect board to hang notes, photos, and other novelties.


I’m not a huge fan of curtains so I cut some burlap into pennants and strung them up over each window.


I found this chest at an estate sale for a couple dollars. I didn’t realize it at the time but it just happened to be the exact size to hold file folders. Now things are organized and hidden!


Sugar is close at hand for those days that multiple cups of coffee just don’t get the job done. I’m so pleased with how everything turned out! Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to my newly organized office space! Cheers!


8 thoughts on “my space

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