6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I enjoy your blog especially those cute bundled up winter pics. I have a super random question that nobody can help me with on the wordpress forums. I’m new to this blogging thing and am kinda like Wilma Flinestone so all of this is like a foreign language still. I am curious how to get a picture in my URL like you have. I see it from time to time on people blogs and i’d rather have a picture than a W for wordpress. Thank you, Journey

  2. Dear Erica
    I don’t normally ask people to write for me but I’m in desperate need of votes. As you might have read I had recently entered the race to space contest, which is a trip to space.
    Currently In Canada the person in first place has over 14000 votes and counting. I’m asking kindly, if you could mention on your blog to vote for me and pass along the word! I’ve always dreamed of seeing the stars up close! In return I’ll mention your blog via my blog/facebook, in hopes you get more followers.
    You can vote at:
    I think you can vote everyday twice a day, but I could be wrong.

    P.S. Lovely blog 🙂

  3. Everything is connected….a few days before you followed my blog I stumbled upon your page and browsed for some time! Haha Anyways, your photography is beautiful! I love the stories they capture 🙂 Excited to see what the future brings.

    Hope your day is grand,
    Emily Carino

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